What Happens to Your Mind and Body When You Actually Let Yourself Relax?

What Happens to Your Mind and Body When You Actually Let Yourself Relax?

Most of us are already aware of at least some of the effects that stress has on us mentally and physically. This is, in part, because we experience them all the time, as well as from what we’ve been told by doctors and read in articles. But still, many people continue to overestimate their ability to withstand stress and remain in good health.

Perhaps it would be easier to make stress reduction a priority if you knew more about the positive ways in which relaxation affects your health and wellness. Let’s take a look at some of those below!

Your memory improves.

When you’re relaxed, your brain fires specific memory-related neurons and produces certain waves, called theta waves, at the same time. The coordination of these two elements helps your brain form stronger, longer-lasting memories and retain more during the learning process.

You reduce your risk of heart disease.

The process of relaxing your body slows your heart rate and decreases your blood pressure—two major risk factors for developing heart disease. When you relax, your body releases a hormone that lets your systems know you are no longer in “flight or fight” mode. As a result, your heart rate comes down and your blood vessels stop tightening.

You enhance your productivity.

Worries, stress, and anxieties that are taking up space in your mind distract you from completing other tasks. When you relax and let go of these concerns, you open up more creative pathways and become more engaged with and focused on what you’re doing. The more you can relax, the more productive you can be.

You boost your immune system.

Chronic stress can impair your ability to fight off disease and illness, thanks to a buildup of stress hormones in your system. Practicing deep relaxation methods can help you recover from and prevent long-term stress that may weaken your immune system. When you remain relaxed, you keep your immune system functioning at full capacity.

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