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Natural Remedies for Eczema

About 30 million Americans suffer from atopic dermatitis, better known as eczema, a chronic skin condition. Eczema is a condition that causes an individual’s skin to periodically turn red and itch.

Along with acne, hives, and impetigo, eczema is one of the most common skin conditions in the country, and it’s often treated with corticosteroid creams and ointments prescribed by a doctor.

Prescription drugs are not the only solution for dealing with eczema though. At Dande-Lion Herb Shop, we can provide you with different herbs and natural remedies that can be used to fight back against eczema during a flare up. BP-X, for example, is a blood purifier containing burdock root, Pau D’Arco, red clover, and dandelion root that has been shown to work wonders for those with eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions. It can help prevent you from having to spend days and even weeks suffering from dry, itchy skin that just won’t heal.

You can also reduce your chances of experiencing an eczema flare up by:

  • Avoiding certain types of food, like nuts and dairy products, that are known to trigger eczema
  • Steering clear of environmental factors, including pollen and smoke, that can lead to an eczema outbreak
  • Managing the symptoms of eczema as soon as they start to set in by relying on herbs and holistic treatments

Detox & Cleanse with Natural Herbs

At Dande-Lion Herb Shop, we also encourage both those who suffer from skin conditions like eczema and those who simply want to rid their bodies of dangerous toxins to consider detoxing and cleansing on a regular basis.

By detoxing and cleansing, you may be able to improve your energy levels, lose weight, and even relieve frequent headaches, muscle aches, and constipation.

Dande-Lion Herb Shop can help you create the perfect detoxing and cleansing plan. Some of the products we recommend include:

  • Tiao He Cleanse
  • First Cleanse
  • Dieter’s Cleanse
  • Clean Start

We strive to provide people with the natural products and information they need to detox and cleanse safely and effectively. Call us at 410-768-8144 today to get started!