Dietary Vitamins & Minerals

Natural Vitamins & Minerals

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most Americans get enough vitamins and minerals through their diets. From vitamin D and folate to iron and iodine, the CDC says about 90 percent of people are taking in enough vitamins and minerals to keep themselves healthy.

However, there are plenty of individuals out there who struggle to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals into their system every day. If you’re one of them, it can zap you of your energy, make it harder for you to lose weight, and take a toll on your health in many other ways.

Dande-Lion Herb Shop can help you avoid these issues with natural vitamins in Glen Burnie, MD.

Herbs to Help Improve Your Dietary Health

There are a variety of herbs and natural vitamins that you’ll find when you visit us at Dande-Lion Herb Shop. Here are a few herbs that could help improve your health in a hurry:

  • Ashwagandha may increase your energy levels and provide relief from anxiety, dementia, low libido, and thyroid issues
  • Dandelion root may give your metabolism a boost and help with acne, blood pressure, fatigue, and liver and kidney disorders
  • Burdock root powder may alleviate arthritis and reduce the symptoms associated with allergies, constipation, edema, fevers, and tumors
  • Astragalus root may eliminate colds and assist those with chronic fatigue, gastric disorders, and immune deficiencies
  • Calendula flower may clear up external bruises and speed up the healing of eye infections, skin diseases, and wounds

Dande-Lion Herb Shop can help you pick out natural vitamins that can bring your vitamin and mineral levels up and allow you to take better care of your health. For those dieting in an effort to improve energy and lose weight, we recommend natural vitamins like the plant-based Life’s Fortune and Super Supplements.

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