4 Natural Supplements Everyone Should Be Taking Daily

4 Natural Supplements Everyone Should Be Taking Daily

The natural health and wellness market is saturated with supplements. Supplements are great, because they’re a convenient and effective way to get your body the nutrients it needs and to help fight many different ailments. But when you start to shop for supplements, things can get overwhelming and confusing with all of the different options available to you. There are a few that most experts agree on though as being some of the most beneficial for daily use. Let’s take a look at which natural supplements come most highly recommended.

1) Multivitamin

Most people don’t get all of the essential nutrients they need from diet alone, so a daily multivitamin can pick up the slack. A quality multivitamin will boost your immune system, give you more energy, and improve brain function, among other benefits. The top ingredients to look for in a multivitamin are vitamins C, B12, B6, D, A, and E, magnesium, and calcium.

2) Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a crucial component to many of your body’s functions, such as immune, digestive, and brain health, to name a few. Our bodies produce vitamin D from sunlight, but unfortunately most of us don’t get nearly enough of that. Deficiencies in vitamin D can cause bone density loss, depression, low energy, poor immune health, and other problems.

3) Magnesium

A vital but often overlooked mineral, magnesium contributes to your health in many ways. Notably, it helps improve hormone function, which reduces stress and anxiety levels. Magnesium also helps with muscle function, nerve transmission, energy production, and more. It can be helpful for a variety of conditions, including depression, anxiety, migraines, heart disease, and muscle cramping.

4) Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s have a lot of great benefits for your body and mind. Fish oil is the supplement that delivers these to your system. Taking fish oil daily has been shown to improve heart health, brain function, fight inflammation, boost the immune system, and even help with anxiety and depression.

Deficiencies in any of the essential vitamins and minerals can take a serious toll on your body. At Dande-Lion Herb Shop, you can find the natural vitamins, supplements, and herbs you need to stay healthy and feel your best.

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