Lung Tea

Lung Tea

Lung Tea for Sale in Glen Burnie, MD

When you are suffering from a condition, whether temporary or chronic, that impairs your lung functioning, the quality of your everyday life is often affected too. Even something as seemingly minor as a cough, congestion, or a sore throat can slow you down significantly. Cold and flu products can certainly help, but a remedy specially designed to support lung health may offer greater benefit in the long run.

Lung tea from Dande-Lion Shop is a carefully-concocted recipe of herbs that work together to help you breathe deeper and easier. Our tea can be used regularly to promote healthy lungs or to help with the treatment of lung conditions and illnesses that affect your breathing quality. Lung tea can be purchased in bulk right from our shop in Glen Burnie.

Uses for Lung Tea

Viruses, bacteria, disease, smoking, air pollution, allergies—all of these factors can interfere with your normal breathing and make your lungs work harder to get the oxygen they need. The herbs in our lung tea provide support to your entire respiratory system. By fighting inflammation, relaxing your airways, improving circulation, and providing antioxidants to help protect your lung tissue from oxidative stress, lung tea can help alleviate some of the effects of lung disorders and respiratory illnesses.

Conditions that May Benefit from the Use of Lung Tea:

· Bronchitis

· Cough/congestion


· Emphysema

· Other lung disorders

Try the soothing blend of herbs in Dande-Lion Herb Shop’s lung tea and feel the difference when you breathe in the fresh air around you. For more information about how we make our lung tea or any of our other bulk herbs for sale, pay a visit to our shop in Glen Burnie or contact our experts today!