Mugwort for Sale in Glen Burnie, MD

For most American gardeners, mugwort is nothing more than a common weed that spreads voraciously and often triggers allergy symptoms. In traditional Chinese medicine and other Asian cultures, however, Mugwort has a long-standing place and value as a holistic treatment for many maladies. The herb is often used in a practice called moxibustion—during which it is rolled into a cone or stick, burned, and waved over various acupuncture points on the body. It is believed that the heat and smoke released by the mugwort during this process has powerful healing properties that can improve a wide range of conditions.

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Uses for Mugwort

Mugwort has had a prominent presence in women’s holistic healthcare for centuries. Moxibustion of mugwort is used to stimulate fetal movements to turn babies in the breech position and has even been shown to help women manage the stress and pain of labor. These relaxing properties are also believed to be responsible for mugwort’s observed ability to induce a woman’s menstrual cycle, relieve cramps, and alleviate uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Mugwort was also used in the past as a means of terminating a pregnancy, as its use can sometimes cause miscarriages.

Holistic doctors also use mugwort in the treatment of digestive orders. Mugwort acts as both a choleretic and a cholagogue, meaning it increases the amount bile production by the liver and stimulates the flow of the bile produced. Optimizing bile production and flow facilitates digestion and helps cleanse your system.

Conditions that May Benefit from the Use of Mugwort:

· Anxiety

· Colic

· Constipation

· Depression

· Diarrhea

· Digestive disorders

· Epilepsy

· Hysteria

· Insomnia

· Menstrual problems

· Vomiting

· Worms

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