Cold & Flu Tea

Cold & Flu Tea

Cold & Flu Tea for Sale in Glen Burnie, MD

Everybody has a favorite season. Some people love the summer sun, while others can’t wait for the first magical snowfall of the year. The one season that most of us can agree is our least favorite? Cold and flu season.

When you feel the classic stuffy nose, sore throat, consistent cough, and in some cases, fever and chills coming on, the first thing you probably do is reach for the medicine cabinet. While there are some over-the-counter products that can make your battle with a cold or flu less harrowing, there’s also another natural remedy option that can help you feel better faster—cold and flu tea from Dande-Lion Shop in Glen Burnie.

Uses for Cold & Flu Tea

Our cold and flu tea is made with a pleasant combination of herbs that help relieve cold and flu symptoms and restore balance within your body to help you recover faster. We have carefully selected herbs for our recipe that have been shown to support respiratory function, cool and regulate the body, soothe sore throat, improve nasal/sinus function, fight inflammation, and strengthen the immune system.

Many of the herbs in our tea contain nutrients and antioxidants your body needs to fight off bacteria and viruses. These medicinal benefits, combined with the comfort of sipping on a hot and delicious beverage, will have you feeling like your healthy, energetic self again in no time.

Ingredients in Cold & Flu Tea from Dande-Lion Herb Shop:

· Rose hips

· Yarrow

· Sage

· Lemon grass

· Mullein

· Hyssop

· Fennel

· Horsetail

· Peppermint

· Horehound

· Marshmallow

· Ginger root

· Juniper berry

· Comfrey leaf

· Fenugreek

· Catnip

· Chamomile

· Plantain

· Wild cherry bark

Don’t let cold and flu season knock you on your feet. Find relief for your symptoms and streamline your recovery with cold and flu tea from Dande-Lion Herb Shop. Our herbal recipe is available in bulk at an

affordable price, so you can hang on to it until you need it and easily replenish when your supply runs low.

For more information about our cold and flu tea, or other herbal supplements and vitamins in our shop that can benefit your health, give us a call at 410-768-8144 today!